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About Desert Moon and Gem

Thanks for visiting! Here are some random facts about me...


I'm Catherine, wife, and mom of 2.

I knew I wanted to work with animals since I was in second grade. I have a diploma in dog & cat grooming, and I'm a Registered Vet Tech.  I'm team cats.  Our family JUST adopted 2 kittens from the AZ Humane Society in June of 2022. My studio is separate from our home but just in case you have severe allergies...


I like plants but I don't have a green thumb, at all!


I love hiking, learning new things, DIY projects, finding time to meditate, listening to ASMR.


My love of beads and gemstones started at about 8 years old when I received a beading kit at Christmas.  I made jewelry for every woman I knew! My parents are both creative and talented and were huge supporters of my creativity. They were oh-so-patient waiting for me to look at EVERYTHING in any store with art, crafts, beads, new age crystals/incense or books.


It got serious when I started silversmithing courses at age 14. Learning how to work with sterling silver and copper to set stones and solder blew my mind.

I started a jewelry business in 2008 and attended some markets, but we had so many other things on the go as a family and it moved to hobby status, then revived it in 2018, including crystals and mala beads. 

I  find a lot of inspiration here in the Arizona desert. There are so many colors and infinite beauty surrounding us that influence the jewelry that I design and minerals that I choose for the shop. Many gemstone beads are sourced and mined here in Arizona; that's important to me from a design perspective. Malas are cleansed before shipping.

I hope you find something that you love! Custom orders are always welcome!

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